Staff Team

Who’s who and how can you reach them?

Any of our team would be pleased to speak to you if you need help or further details about anything.

Rev Paul Hinckley Vicar E-mail Paul 01454 880065

Revd Paul Hinckley
E-mail Paul
01454 880065 Click Image for more info about Paul

Dave Barter
E-mail Dave
0117 931 2304

Church Warden:





Philip Cale

Deanery Synod – DCC (District Church Council) & PCC (Parish Church Council) members

PCC Member: [vacant]

Deanery Synod member: 


DCC member :

Hannah Tidcombe

DCC member:

Mary Hotchkiss

DCC member:

Tracy Ring

DCC member:

Rachel Berlandi

DCC member:

Andy Graham

DCC member:

Mark Mitchell



Many of our services and events are supported through our dedicated team of volunteers.We currently have over 100 dedicated helpers just to ensure our Sunday services run smoothly.
People volunteer for many different reasons. Some simply have time to spare, some would like to support their church and community, others like to socialise and have fun and companionship with other like minded Christians.

We have a great number of events and groups such as coffee morning, flower rota’s, youth groups, sunday schools, prayer and home groups and many more.

If you feel that you would be interested and helping, contact Dave Barter above.