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Where can I find prayer support?

Morning prayers are held in the church Quiet Room for about 20 minutes during term times. Everyone is welcome to join us. We join for prayer on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 8.50am.

Monthly Prayer Meeting at the Church on the first Sunday of every month at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome with no pressure to pray aloud if you do not want to.

Sunday Mornings after our service in the Quiet Room people are available to pray with you, about anything you would like help or support with.

Prayer Events are held from time to time often on Sunday afternoons to pray for specific needs.

Our Church Prayer Chain operates through a circle of people who will pass a prayer request around the group.

Prayer Box situated in the church foyer. If you would like us to pray for something please place your request on a prayer card and drop it in the box.

For any more help or information on any of the above please contact Dave Barter on 0117 9312304


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