Madagasca mix


Daring to be Different, a youth group for year 3 to year 6 who meet in the church each Wednesday evening starting at 6pm, will sing one of their favourite songs Josephs multi-coloured dream coat.

BIG Y, is a teenage group (14+) that meets on Sunday at church during term time from 7.45pm – 9.15pm, have prepared a variety of activities to entertain including workout video, flute quartet and video.

4mation, an exciting group for 11-14 year olds who meet most Friday nights at 7pm during term time, will present internet speak on the street as a video vox-box.

 Friday 12th July @ 6:30pm

Tickets: Adult £5 Family £11

All monies raised in aid of Iris Orphanage in Madagascar


Children at orphanage in Madagasca

The Orphanage

A safe and loving place is given to each child when the Iris Madagasca Orphanage becomes their home. Caroline, a midwife from Bristol and orphanage founder, ensures each one is cherished and valued – day to day she faces the challenge of feeding, clothing, sheltering and educating her family with it’s 65 children.

Some babies come to Caroline close to starvation, a heart breaking sight of bones and skin, but with careful nursing these babies put on weight and begin to thrive in their adopted family.

It costs just £1 per day to feed a child at the orphanage, but on top of food there are other costs to cover: utilities, rents, cloths – to name but a few. So finding and maintaining financial support for the orphanage is a priority task as the orphanage relies upon the generosity of people like you and me to fund their day to day running costs.

The orphanage also runs a number of community projects:
1. Lunch time feeding program: currently feeding around 200 children a day.
2. Community kids program: supporting children in desperate poverty with food, medical bills and school fees.
3. Milk program: giving milk formula to help babies whose mothers aren’t able to produce enough milk for them.

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